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A Word from Chef Mike

March 06, 2018

This past Thursday, if you follow us on social media, you know that we took you on a journey into our Walk-On's chefs' daily activities. What we wanted you to see is that there is a lot of love, care and passion that goes into every item that we make. We are going to be showing you, our guests, more and more inside looks into how we do things in our kitchens. Some things you can look forward to this year are detailed recipe videos for making Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding, our Pepper Jelly Shrimp Salad, our Voodoo Shrimp and more of your Walk-On's favorites. No, we're not giving away company secrets, but we are hoping to show you that these items are easily made from scratch in your home just like they are in our restaurants. We have a huge culinary focus here at Walk-On's. It's been a driver for this company since I got here. That could be why we were just selected for National Restaurant News' Menu Masters Awards. As a selected Menu Master winner, we will be honored at the National Restaurant Association's conference this May in Chicago. 

This is a huge deal for us because it shows that our culinary efforts are being taken seriously. It illustrates that our concept is unique and interesting as a brand. We offer something that no one in our industry does and that, friends, is incredible. To go from a sports bar owned by two self-driven walk-on's at LSU to a fast growing chain of sports casual focused family restaurants is an incredible shift that not many brands can say they could make or have made. The folks in our heart of house aka our kitchen crews are what has made this all possible. Without their hard work, we could never pull off some of the distinctive creations we proudly boast as staples on our Walk-On's menu nor would we be able to create new and innovative items like those on our Seafood Lagniappe Menu . I have made it a priority for us to continue being innovative by creating valuable partnerships with our vendors and by researching and tasting the latest food trends available. In 2018, we as a company hope to continue our culinary focus and keep pushing towards a higher standard of quality on every level. I would like to thank you all for taking this journey with us and continuing to help us improve each and every day in the Walk-On's way.

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