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Name on the Front, Not on the Back

November 12, 2019

It's stories like these that embody our walk-on mentality. Our General Manager in Fayetteville, North Carolina explained how their team member is embodying our culture.

”2 months ago I needed help with extra organizing and cleaning in our restaurant. At 7 a.m. one of our team members messaged me saying he was on the way. I couldn't figure out why he was messaging so early in the morning. 9:15 a.m. rolled around and nobody could make it. Tahaj messaged me saying, ’Hey boss, sorry I‘m late but I’m almost there.’ I told him to not worry about it and we will schedule another time. I could sense the disappointment in his message. He was always willing to help. Days later I found out he walks to work. Being inside a building all the time, I never know how someone gets there. I felt horrible. He walked almost the whole way here for over an hour just to come help. This young man is here every day that we schedule him, works hard and gives his best. Never once have we seen him with a poor attitude. Our team wanted to do something for this fine young man and also award him with our location’s first Employee of the Month award. Tahaj Melvin is the perfect example of our Walk-On's culture. He gave his best at all times for the team. It's all about the name on the front and not on the back. Thank you Tahaj for all that you do!” 

Tahaj - Employee of the Month in Fayetteville North Carolina

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