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Why We’re Giving Away $25,000

December 19, 2017

There’s something incredibly comforting about the familiar story of the underdog. We can think of exactly one billion stories or movies that end with a triumphant flourish for the hard working athlete or team. From Hoosiers to Rudy, it is impossible not to love the thrill of this roller coaster ride. Here at Walk-On’s, we love the ride too. In fact, we’ve lived it and breathed it; we’ve made an entire company based on this feeling. Our founder, CEO and all around good guy Brandon Landry was a walk-on for Louisiana State University’s basketball team and since his time there, he has embodied that attitude in everything else he has done.

If you are unfamiliar with the term “walk-on,” or have been living under a very large rock, let us clarify: walk-ons are athletes that are unwilling to give up their dream of playing college sports. They work just as hard as everyone else on the team, but they’re not on scholarship. A walk-on is the kind of person that comes in early and stays late. He or she most likely doesn’t see a lot of playing time, but is incredibly honored just to be part of the team. They’re the one tugging on your heart strings when the going gets tough and the team’s about to quit. A walk-on is essential to any team’s success and that determination and perseverance is exactly what has powered our restaurant since our 2003 opening.

Don’t worry we got our big, fabulous flourish. We were named America’s #1 Sports Bar in 2015, Drew Brees became a co-owner, and we have successfully opened 16 restaurant locations in Louisiana and Texas with 100 sold franchises to open in 15 different states across the country. Talk about a finish, amiright? We have really built something amazing that so many of our guests enjoy and can connect with. Put us on your shoulders and lift us out the stadium, like now. Thing is our story is just beginning. Just like any walk-on, we’re not done. We’ve got more work to do. This year we’re sponsoring the Walk-On’s Independence Bowl and planning on expanding our franchise into the Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida areas in 2018. Despite all this, we still see ourselves as the little guys, the hard-workers, the folks who are really just happy to be playing the game. That is why we feel so incredibly honored to give away $25,000; specifically $12,500 in general scholarship funds to each school competing in our Walk-On’s Independence Bowl. We will also be honoring a Walk-On of the Year from each of the two teams. With teams like Florida State University and Southern Miss, we’re going to have a tough time choosing! 

“Whether you’re a walk-on or a recruit, everyone on the team is needed just as much as the next guy,” said Brandon Landry. “I have experienced first-hand the hard work that must be done in order to earn and keep your spot on a college team. Walk-ons work just as hard if not harder than recruited athletes but they rarely get recognized so we’re excited to showcase two outstanding walk-ons after the bowl game. We feel so strongly about walk-ons’ hard work that we are turning this into an award given annually.”

The point is we cannot express our gratitude enough for the opportunities we’ve been given and are so exuberant about one more opportunity: to give back! Join us December 27th at the Walk-On’s Independence Bowl after the game for our scholarship and Walk-On of the Year presentation.

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